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Athletic Fields

Riverside Turf is a leading provider of healthy, highest-quality, durable sod. Our rigorous quality control standards and superior customer service have made us the preferred choice of contractors, landscapers, and homeowners throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Research Development

Our team of agronomists work with some of the nation’s largest turfgrass breeders and universities to constantly evaluate new varieties for athletic fields. We take the guess work out of the equation as to what grass is best for your application.

Here is the criteria we use when evaluating cultivars:
• Functionality
• Aesthetics
• Low Inputs
• Low Water Usage
• Wear Tolerance & Recovery
• Safety

Our Turf Sets Us Apart

Riverside Turf has the ingenuity and experience to successfully complete any sports field project within your deadlines. Whether it is a tedious renovation, an entire sports complex, sod removal, or custom grown sod, we go the extra mile.

Using the latest planting methods, we are equipped to manage your project more efficiently to ensure a state-of-the-art playing field. With dozens of sports fields to our credit, Riverside Turf is known for exceeding expectations. No matter how large or small the job may be, we remain consistent in our ability to fulfill our customers’ needs.

Custom Cultivate & Contract Cultivate

Riverside Turf can also custom grow special varieties under all specifications for your project. We currently grow on a wide range of different soil types and are able to accommodate your specific need. Please contact one of Turf Specialists for details.

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