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Golf Turfgrass Services

Riverside Turf is committed to the researching and production of the highest quality Turfgrass, assuring you of the best selections of premium certified Turfgrass for your golf course.

Research Development

Our team of agronomists work with some of the nation’s largest Turfgrass breeders and universities to constantly evaluate new varieties for golf courses. We take the guess work out of the equation as to what grass is best for your application.

Here is the criteria we use when evaluating cultivars:
• Functionality
• Aesthetics
• Low Inputs
• Low Water Usage
• Wear Tolerance & Recovery
• Safety
• Golf Courses

Riverside Turf has the expertise to make the difference in your golf course project. We know that each golf course is different and has its own set of demands and conditions. We utilize our expertise to match the method of planting to the turf selection, site preparation, and design to ensure the best results for your project and golf course.

Greens Installation

Few Turfgrass producers have truly perfected the art of installing turf on golf course greens. We realize that a green is the most critical surface on your course. Riverside Turf is experienced in planting all green varieties used throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region, including the leading Diamond Zoysia and Bentgrasses. Whatever your planting method or variety, Riverside Turf has done it to perfection.

Fairway Installation

We offer the latest methods of fairway grassing including: No-till sprigging, mechanical planting, and feature sodding. We also offer Fairway conversion methods using glyphosate and acid treatment, transition sprigging, all enhanced with our exclusive stolon handling system. These are just a few examples why Riverside Turf has become the preferred choice for golf renovation and construction projects.

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