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Patriot Bermudagrass

Patriot Bermuda grass is rated one of the most cold hardy on the market. It is disease resistant and wear tolerant. It has an extremely rapid rate of establishment, and, if done properly, you can go from planting to playing in far less than 90 days. Patriot is clearly the bermuda grass of the future.

Patriot Bermuda grass is highly suited for areas requiring high quality turf, including fairways, tee boxes, playgrounds and athletic fields. Patriot Bermuda grass performs best when maintained at 0.38 to 1.5 inches. Mowing frequency is dictated by mowing height.


•  Combination of toughness and beauty
•  Excellent tolerance to cold
•  Extremely rapid rate of establishment
•  Soft feel

•  Recovers quickly from injury
•  Highly disease resistant
•  Tolerates close mowing heights

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