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PremierPRO™ Bermudagrass offers performance backed by science

PremierPRO Bermudagrass excels in high traffic situations. Its quick recovery from wear, coupled with its excellent cold tolerance, make PremierPRO ideal for sports fields, golf courses and lawns. Developed by legendary turf breeders Dr. Milt Engelke and Dr. Virginia Lehman, and tested nationwide, PremierPRO is the best choice for a bermudagrass that excels from the Southeast on up to the Northernmost parts of
the Transition Zone.

•  #1 in traffic tolerance – University of Arkansas
•  Rapid recovery –  NTEP
•  Superior tensile strength – NTEP
•  Excellent cold tolerance

•  Fine texture
•  Dark green color
•  Selected for the World War II Memorial on the National Mall, Washington D.C.

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