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Professional Landscapers

Deadlines and Grand Openings seem to provide constant pressure to contractors and landscapers. Fortunately, quick delivery and efficient installation are trademarks of Riverside Turf. We have the resources to carry out any job regardless of size or time constraints. From difficult access, to slopes, or environmentally sensitive areas, we have the knowledge and experience to overcome these challenges. Whether you need one pallet of sod for a back yard, or acres for a large commercial project, Riverside Turf can make it happen so you meet your deadline.

We offer a variety of turfgrasses, and you’ll find that every one of them is produced to the highest standards. This means our turf has a consistent thickness, contains no weeds, no grubs, and no insects. Our Turfgrass is inspected by the Virginia Crop Improvement Association, which regulates genetic purity for all Blue-Tag turf products in the state of Virginia. That’s why we can stand behind our product a 100%.

Research Development

Our team of agronomists work with some of the nation’s largest Turfgrass breeders and universities to constantly evaluate new varieties for the professional landscape industry. We take the guess work out of the equation as to what grass is best for your application.

Here is the criteria we use when evaluating cultivars:
• Functionality
• Aesthetics
• Low Inputs
• Low Water Usage
• Wear Tolerance & Recovery
• Safety

On-time delivery is available to all Mid-Atlantic states. We specialize in delivering 24” x 48” slabs, 2’ x 4.5’ mini rolls and 42” x 80” big  rolls. You’re also welcome to pick up at our farm. Just let us know what you want 24 hours in advance, and it’ll be ready when you arrive. No minimum requirement.

Our number one goal is to provide you with an outstanding product, superior delivery services and outstanding customer support.

Ask our sales associates about your options to receive your farm-fresh sod.


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