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Zeon Zoysia™

Zeon Zoysia™ will provide any landscape with "The Wow Factor".  Zeon Zoysia™ has literally become the ENVY of sod producers and turf breeders alike.  Not only will Zeon Zoysia™ yield one of the finest and most resilient turf surfaces available, Zeon is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all of the warm-season turfgrass cultivars.

Zeon Zoysia™ was developed for the purpose of providing both the turf industry and landscape professionals with a superior and extremely user-friendly turfgrass.  The vigorous root and both stolon and rhizone production of Zeon Zoysia™ creates an extremely compact and shade tolerant lawn that will naturally inhibit wee production.

Determined to be the first choice for zoysiagrass fairways. Zeon Zoysia™ has established itself as the preferred premium home-lawn selection due to its extremely low maintenance and fertility requirements.  Zeon Zoysia™ truly is, "The Wow Factor".

•  Exceptional shade & drought tolerance
•  Fine bladed with vertical leaf posture
•  Deep green in color with exceptional “Eye Appeal”
•  Excellent late season color retention

•  Early spring green-up
•  Short stolon & internode length
•  Improved plan vigor
•  Low maintenance

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