Zeon Zoysia

Zeon Zoysia is the #1 Selling Zoysia in America. And for good reason! This fine-textured grass has been called the “most beautiful zoysia on the market today.” Turfgrass professionals and consumers alike often note Zeon’s “Wow Factor”. University tests agree Zeon Zoysia is truly something special. In NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) testing, Zeon Zoysia ranked #1 in turf quality. NTEP also confirmed that Zeon Zoysia produces far less thatch than other Zoysia grasses tested.

Zeon Zoysia is used on home lawns, golf courses and commercial projects.


Zeon Zoysia was selected for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! When golf returned as an Olympic sport at the 2016 Games, Zeon was selected for use on the tees, roughs, and fairways on the course that was built specifically for the Olympics. Zeon’s beauty and playability contributed to the choice. More importantly, Zeon’s drought tolerance and minimal fertilizer requirements were critical for the Olympic Committee’s desire to build a sustainable golf course.

Zeon is a fine-bladed Zoysiagrass. It has a beautiful dark green color and soft leaf texture, making it a true “barefoot lawn grass.” An extensive root system allows it to quickly recover from drought. Zeon Zoysia can handle full sun or partly shaded areas. We recommend a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight for optimal performance.

Zeon Zoysia was developed by Bladerunner Farms in Poteet, TX for the purpose of providing golf and landscape professionals, as well as end-users, with a superior and user-friendly turfgrass. It provides a “Cadillac” surface and look while being relatively low-maintenance. With a vigorous root system featuring rhizome production below the surface and stolonization above ground, Zeon creates an extremely compact lawn that naturally deters invasive weeds.


beautiful grass


Fine bladed with
vertical leaf posture


Thrives in a wide range
of soil conditions

vegetative grass


Self-reparation for
trouble or thin spots

full sun


Drought tolerant


Grows in full sun or
partial shade



In salty environments, simply
remove clippings to ensure salt
will not distribute back into soil



Low water, fertilizer and
chemical requirements


Dormancy ensues after first
frost; paintable for
year-round color


SUNLIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Optimum performance with at least 6 hours of full sunlight.

MOWING: Best maintained at 0.375″ to 1.0″ (reel mower) or 1.0″ to 2.0″ (rotary mower).

FERTILITY: Requires less than 2 lbs. N/1,000 ft2 /year.

WEED CONTROL: All herbicides labeled for use on zoysiagrass can be safely applied to Zeon zoysiagrass. Always follow label instructions.

DISEASE CONTROL: Zoysiagrass can be susceptible to large patch in spring and fall. Use an appropriate fungicide preventatively on high-end applications, or treat curatively (as needed) on lower-maintenance applications. All fungicides labeled for zoysiagrass can be safely applied to Zeon zoysiagrass. Always follow label instructions.

INSECT CONTROL: Zoysiagrass is naturally resistant to most insects. Most insecticides labeled for use on zoysiagrass can be safely applied to Zeon zoysiagrass.

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