Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass

Developed by the turfgrass experts at Oklahoma State University, Tahoma 31® Bermudagrass
pushes the geographic boundaries of bermudagrass into the northernmost reaches of the
Transition Zone. Highly cold tolerant, the name “Tahoma” comes from the Native American
word that means “frozen water,” and the grass lives up to its name.

Tahoma 31 for gold courses

Tahoma 31 for

Golf courses as far north as Chillicothe Country Club in Ohio (fairways, tees), and Liberty National in Jersey City, NJ (driving range tee), benefit from Tahoma 31’s ability to stand up to cold winters yet thrive in hot summer temperatures. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, some of the golf courses where you can find Tahoma 31 are: the Naval Academy Golf Club in Annapolis, MD (fairways, tees), Congressional Golf Club in Bethesda, MD (driving range), and Columbia Country Club in Washington, D.C (fairways, tees).

Tahoma 31 for sport fields

Tahoma 31 for

Some of the most prestigious sports fields in college and professional sports are grassed with Tahoma 31. Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles is donned with Tahoma 31. Among the ever-growing list of sports facilities grassed with Tahoma 31 are: the U.S.A Softball Hall of Fame, University of Arkansas football, Indiana University and University of Tulsa soccer fields, Duke University lacrosse field, the turf racetrack at Churchill Downs, as well as high school and municipal fields across the country. Local sports fields with Tahoma 31 include: Paul Public Charter School football field in Washington, D.C., soccer fields at Maryland Soccer Complex in Germantown, and soccer fields at Pine Fork Park in New Kent, VA.

Tahoma 31 for sport fields

Tahoma 31 for

Perhaps the nation’s most well-known lawn, the National Mall of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., is donned with Tahoma 31. Homeowners love it for its beauty, durability, and density.


Tahoma 31 creates a sustainable and maintainable golf course, sports field, or home lawn with dramatically lower disease pressures compared to cool-season grasses. A tight, dense turf it can be mowed as low as ¼ to ½-inch for excellent playability on golf courses. Tahoma 31 has notable wear tolerance, recovers quickly from damage and also ranks #1 in its class for drought tolerance by using 18% less water than TifTuf®. Tahoma 31 offers a deep blue-green color that stays greener longer than other bermudas tested and is the first to green up in spring. Tahoma 31 is a licensed vegetative variety and therefore is available as sod or large-batch sprigs only.



Cold tolerant, great for
the Mid-Atlantic


Uses less water, stands up to drought


Wear tolerant, heals fast from damage


Better shade tolerance than other bermudagrasses


Stays green longer after first frost


First in its class to green up in spring


SUNLIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Tahoma 31 tolerates up to 62% shade. In studies, it was tested in partial shade for about 6 hours a day, from 10am to 4pm using a 50% shade cloth. It still requires some direct sunlight and while more shade tolerant than most bermudagrasses, it is not as shade tolerant as Zeon Zoysia.

MOWING: Heights can range from .25” to .75” for sports & golf, and up to 1.5” for lawns.

FERTILITY: Requires 3 to 4 lbs. N/1,000 ft2 /year.

WEED CONTROL: All herbicides labeled for use on bermudagrass can be safely applied to bermudagrass. Always follow label instructions.

DISEASE CONTROL: All fungicides labeled for use on bermudagrass can be safely applied to Tahoma 31. Always follow label instructions.

COLD HARDINESS: High cold tolerance making it less susceptible to winter kill as compared to other commercially available bermudagrasses.

All pickup orders require day-before placement as all sod is cut on an as-ordered basis. Each pallet is 67 square yards. Riverside Turf grows & harvests sod and sprigs only. We do not offer plugs or seed.